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- aerial photography across Kent, Sussex, Surrey & Essex

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arial photo of Ashford Retail Shopping Outlet in Kent
the distinctive shape and landmark: Ashford Retail Shopping Outlet in Kent
aerial view of Leeds Castle in Kent
close-up aerial view of Leeds Castle in Kent
aerial drone photograph of Kent mansion
Hall Place, Kent
aerial photo of giant marquee
Huge, custom shaped marquees, only properly visible from the air!
Hurricane flying over Kent, photographed from another plane.
aerial photo of Lympne Castle in Kent
Lympne Castle near Hythe in Kent - a popular wedding venue.
aerial photography of house in Kent
Large house and gardens, hidden by trees, but not from a drone!
aerial photography in Kent
The extent of this garden centre site can be easily seen from the air!
drone photograph
The large stock of this motorhome sales company site can only be seen properly by using drone photography.
estate agent photography
A low level drone photo emphasizes the large garden and gives a good perspective of the house. Photo taken for an estate agent.
drone photo of country house in Kent
Another drone photo showing a country house in its beautiful surroundings.
drone photograph
A drone was used to capture this otherwise impossible view. A dramatic image of a lady prominently standing on the cliffs of Dover with the docks in the background.
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Using drones and light aircraft, unique and advantageous viewpoints can be gained for creating dramatic aerial photographs. There are many purposes for aerial photography and it is ideal for photographing construction sites, buildings, town or country views, golf courses, and for illustrating boundary disputes. Aerial photography is especially suited for larger properties or land where a photograph taken from the ground simply cannot encompass the entire plot.

For aerial photography of your house, farm, factory, business site or golf course, please click below for further information and many more aerial photos, on the main aerial photography website:

Aerial Photography & Aerial Photographs in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Essex

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aerial photographs of Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London & Essex
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aerial photography in Sussex, Surrey, London & Essex
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