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Using his skills as a full time photographer, Alan utilises his knowledge of composition and light with the addition of movement and sound to create dramatic, high quality wedding videos, in an inobtrusive style.

Videos are supplied as 1080HD format files [much higher resolution than DVD format] on a USB flash drive. Wedding videos are cleverly edited with music to create exciting, smooth flowing action sequences, with mood to capture the atmosphere of the day and provide an excellent keepsake of the day. Two or more cameras are often used where possible to provide more visually exciting edits.

Coverage usually includes filming prior to the ceremony, shots of the venue[s], arrivals, the ceremony, informal moments meeting guests and being photographed, the reception room layout, speeches and the first dance.

Please enquire for availabilty and pricing, or book an appointment to view some lovely examples on a 60" screen!.

"loved the editing"
"Pt.3 is fab! Love the beach shots with the music!"

Adele & Joe, Hythe Imperial, Kent