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Aerial-Drone Orders, Booking Information & Terms

To book, please send your order by email or post including a local map, diagram or copy of the land registry document, outlining the boundary of the site and indicating any preferred directions or angles of photographs required.

For a quote, please send an email [link at top of the page] with location details, timing if applicable plus the purpose of the shoot.

A deposit will be required to secure the booking and the balance is payable upon completion of the commission, before dispatch, unless a prior arrangement has been made. BACS is preferred however most types of debit or credit card are accepted.

In Britain, we are always at the mercy of the weather and especially so with aerial photography, but usually commissions can be completed within one to four weeks. If a commission is urgent or becomes urgent, please do get in touch and every effort will be made to help, but be advised that the quality of the results may not be as good, as can usually be.

For good, high quality aerial photography, it is very important that the photographs are taken under ideal conditions. This means consistent strong sunshine [not a few gaps in the clouds!], good visibility [the weather can be nice and sunny, but frequently quite hazy - not good!] with little or no wind [windy days make it very difficult to hold a long lens steady when you are being buffeted around inside a light aircraft!]. All these factors can affect the sharpness, clarity and contrast of aerial photographs and therefore it is worth waiting to get the right conditions.

Nowadays, all aerial photography is undertaken using digital cameras. Currently, the 30 megapixel Canon 5D mk4 is the camera of choice for hand-held work. This provides a 88MB TIFF file or a 30MB JPEG file with minimum compression. Combined with Canon "L" series lenses, this provides excellent resolution and definition, especially for giant enlargements. For drone photography and filming, a 20 megapixel Sony CCD based camera is used for high resolution stills and HD1080P or 4K video work.

Unless agreed in advance Alan Duncan Photography own the copyright of all media taken and can use this media for its own marketing and advertising purposes.