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- covering Kent, Sussex & Surrey

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arial photo of Ashford Retail Shopping Outlet in Kent
the distinctive shape and landmark: Ashford Retail Shopping Outlet in Kent
aerial view of Leeds Castle in Kent
close-up aerial view of Leeds Castle in Kent
drone photo of country house in Kent
the elevated height of a drone photo reveals the beautiful surroundings of this country house
aerial photo of giant marquee
Huge, custom shaped marquees, the scale only appreciated from the air!
- aerial drone photography of your house, farm, store, factory, golf course or business site

- air to ground [oblique] and air to air aerial photography

- low level aerial photography using drones and elevated poles

- higher level [traditional] aerial photography using planes and helicopters

Hurricane flying over Kent, photographed from another plane.
aerial photo of Lympne Castle in Kent
Lympne Castle near Hythe in Kent - a popular wedding venue.
aerial photography of house in Kent
Large house and gardens, hidden by trees, but not from a drone!
aerial photography in Kent
The extent of this garden centre site can be easily seen from the air!
- licenced drone photographer with the CAA - Civil Aviation Authority

- commissioned aerial photography for estate agents, construction companies, property developers

- industrial/commercial sites or pictorial views

- edited, digital photographs supplied quickly via Google Drive

drone photograph
The large stock of this motorhome sales company site can only be seen properly by using drone photography.
estate agent photography
A low level drone photo emphasizes the large garden and gives a good perspective of the house. Photo taken for an estate agent.
aerial drone photograph of Kent mansion
Hall Place, Kent
drone photograph
A drone was used to capture this otherwise impossible view. A dramatic image of a lady prominently standing on the cliffs of Dover with the docks in the background.
aerial photo of Penshurst Place in Kent
Aerial photo of Penshurst Place, a mediaeval manor house owned by Philip Sidney, Viscount De L'Isle, situated between Royal Tunbridge Wells and Edenbridge in The Weald Of Kent. Photography by AD Photographics, aerial photographers in Kent, Sussex & Surrey
aerial photograph of Ashford, Kent
View of town centre in Ashford, Kent, with the M20 and main London railway line trailing to the NW.
Aerial Photography in South-East England by AD Photographics.
aerial photograph of the Creative Quarter area in Folkestone, Kent
The Creative Quarter area of Folkestone - an area of inspiring redevelopment, part of Roger De Haan's [ex SAGA owner] innovative masterplan for the regeneration of Folkestone.
Aerial photography in Kent by AD Photographics
aerial photograph of Augusta Gardens, Folkestone
The gardens and Bath-like victorian crescent of Augusta Gardens, Folkestone, Kent.
Aerial photography in Kent and South-East England by AD Photographics.
aerial photographers in Kent: AD Photographics
Aerial photo of the County Square Shopping Centre in Ashford, Kent, showing the new extension in the foreground.
Photography by AD Photographics - aerial photographers in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London & Essex.
aerial photo of The White Cliffs Of Dover in Kent
The famous "White Cliffs Of Dover" in Kent.
Photograph by AD Photographics - aerial photography in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London & Essex.
aerial photograph of the old harbour and The Durlocks in Folkestone, Kent
Aerial photo of the old harbour and Durlocks area of Folkestone.
Photo by AD Photographics - aerial photographers in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London & Essex.
aerial photographer in Folkestone, Kent
Folkestone photographed from over the English Channel, looking towards Dover in the background.
Aerial photography in Kent & the South-East by AD Photographics.
Often, the only way to photograph a property nicely and in its entirety, is by using aerial photography. Very high resolution digital cameras are used to capture fine detail. Shots are taken from a variety of directions and angles and can be supplied as high resolution files on disc to commercial customers, or as prints and canvases to private customers.
aerial photograph of Westwood Cross shopping centre near Ramsgate, Kent
Westwood Cross shopping centre near Ramsgate, Kent
Aerial photography in Kent and South-East England by AD Photographics.
Welsummer Campsite, Kent
Welsummer Campsite near Lenham in Kent
aerial photo of archaeological dig
A vertical aerial drone photograph provides archaeologists with a detailed view of their dig.
Aerial photograph
aerial photograph of the Folkestone harbour arm and the control tower before it is knocked down!
Using drones and light aircraft, unique and advantageous viewpoints can be gained for creating dramatic aerial photographs. There are many purposes for aerial photography and it is ideal for photographing construction sites, buildings, town or country views, golf courses, and for illustrating boundary disputes. Aerial photography is especially suited for larger properties or land where a photograph taken from the ground simply cannot encompass the entire plot.
drone photo


A library of aerial photographs is also available, mostly as high resolution, digital files. Kent towns included are Canterbury, Ashford, Maidstone, Tonbridge, Folkestone and Hythe.

Please note that aerial photography is generally subject to good weather including good visibility. Price is related to the flying time and the number of shots supplied. A plan, good diagram or large scale map outlining the boundary of the site is usually required to accurately identify the target from the air. Please ring or send an email for a quotation.
Current stock libraries of Kent towns/areas:
Ashford   Canterbury   Dover   Folkestone   Maidstone   Thanet   Tunbridge Wells

aerial photo of train
Kent houses
aerial photo of Viking Bay, Broadstairs
aerial photograph
aerial photo of Bluewater shopping centre
CAA drone approved pilot


Drones are used for very low level photography up to 400 feet and a CAA qualified pilot is used with full insurance cover for aerial work [photography and filming / video].

Drone photography provides a more versatile and economical approach for low-level aerial photography. Remote controlled drones can be manouvered into places that planes, helicopters and masts cannot access.
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