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A national & local [East Kent, West Kent, South-East] service for old photo repairs, print retouching & photo restoration

curled up photo
[original photo by E R Yerbury] taken in the 1930's. Print in terrible condition - image restored by Alan Duncan.
Restore, protect and preserve those precious family photographs! Old photographs are fragile and must be handled with care. If your photos are faded or torn, you can prevent further deterioration by having them professionally copied. Old, faded or damaged photos can then be repaired and restored by skilled retouching to a near-original condition.

Digitally repaired photos can be re-printed to the same or even a larger size on archival grade paper and extra prints can be ordered for friends and relatives.
Torn photo - before and after - print restoration in Kent by Alan Duncan photo restoration in Kent - before and after by Alan Duncan
Digital photo repairs - spots, scratches and blemishes can be removed, tears repaired and missing areas replaced.
The contrast and apparent sharpness can be improved.

photo repairs & photo restoration in Folkestone Kent by Alan Duncan photo repairs & photo restoration in Folkestone Kent
A fascinating print restoration job! This old hand painted photo had been mounted on card with a wooden back, but somehow became riddled with woodworm making lots of holes in the photograph! The photo has been restored by photographing it, careful digital retouching, colour improvements and then reprinting it. The pair of images on the right show a close up section of the same photo. The black pencil lines on the background were also removed.

Damaged photograph, before and after - photo restoration in Folkestone Kent by Alan Duncan Old photograph, before and after. Print restoration in Kent by Alan Duncan
Black and white photographs which have become discoloured, can be reproduced as original
black and white prints, or indeed, can be aged further with a sepia tone!

Digital photo manipulation in Kent Print with background colour change. Photo retouching in Kent by Alan Duncan
above left: the third person was asked to be removed and the photo generally enhanced.
bottom right: a different coloured background was requested for this photograph.

Photo Restoration in Kent by Alan Duncan
This photograph has faded badly with light - note the darker edge on the left where the original photo has been hidden from light behind the frame. The colour has been restored to this photo and the image slightly cropped and enlarged.

Using skilled digital restoration, the possibilities are almost endless!

The resulting image can be supplied as a print [perhaps larger], as a digital file, or as both!

A digital manipulation and retouching service for commercial photographs is also available,
to enhance products or hide flaws.

When posting photos, it is recommended that they are sent using the Royal Mail Special Delivery service for extra safety.

Please ring or email Alan Duncan for an estimate or to arrange an appointment.

Copy & printing service for artists in Kent

giclee print reproduced from a painting
Artists' paintings [oil paintings, line drawings etc.] can all be photographed in the studio, with a high degree of colour accuracy and reproduced as giclee prints with archival print quality.

This painting of Folkestone harbour is by local artist, Margaret Smith. [please enquire for contact details]